What’s about Nanofront® ?

Aiming to realize the finest and strongest fiber, we developed the world's first ultra-fine polyester fiber, Nanofront®. The diameter is 700 nm, which is finer than microfibers and the cross-section area is merely 1/7500 of a single human hair. Such a fine fiber is difficult to manufacture in a form of filament (a continuous threadlike fiber). However, our original technology based on our accumulated R&D and production engineering know-how has made the development and manufacturing a reality. This has made a wide variety of applications possible, and in consideration to the environment, Nanofront® is also available in recycled material.

What’s about Teijinconex® ?

Teijinconex® is a meta-aramid fiber with remarkable resistance to heat, flame, and chemicals, and is suitable for industrial applications such as fabric for protective wear, hoses, filters, and copy cleaners. Due to its unique chemical structure, Teijinconex® is not inflammable, and it does not melt and adhere to the skin. Both Teijinconex® and the dyable Teijinconex® neo can be tailored for specific requirements.


For pulse jet cleaning system

Nanofront® Bag Filter

The surface consisting of our original ultra-fine fiber enables efficient dust collection and minimizes pressure loss during operation.

For pulse jet cleaning system

Teijinconex® Bag Filter

Bag filters made of Teijinconex® and other materials with resistance to heat and chemicals are available.

For reverse jet air cleaning system

T8160 / CO3942

Woven fabric developed with our unique technology has a bulky structure efficient for energy saving.

For liquid precision filtration

Nanofront® Filter Cartridge

Liquid filter cartridge made of original ultra-fine fiber.


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